Xin Ying 欣盈

SPH Radio UFM100.3 DJ
The newly minted mother and songbird of UFM100.3, Xin Ying joined the station since 2009 and is currently co-hosting the evening drive time show on weekdays. With her dedicated passion in music, it was a breeze for Xin Ying when she was appointed as one of the hosts for the renowned Taiwanese talent-search programme, “One Million Star” 《超级星光大道7》/《华人星光大道》.

Xin Ying’s jovial personality catches the attention and hearts of her audience, and with her zesty energy, she has also hosted numerous entertainment evening parties such as Impresario & Singapore-E Awards.

Since 2007, multi-talented Xin Ying juggles being a radio DJ in her radio show and a singer at weddings on weekends.

Tune in to Xin Ying on 《下班Sing-a-Long》, weekdays 4 to 8pm on UFM100.3.