Tay Ying, daughter of renowned Mediacorp actor and actress, Zheng Ge Ping and Hong Hui Fang. She is a very confident and matured lady with a mind of her own. Together with her brother, Calvert Tay, they are taking the entertainment industry by storm and becoming a true celebrity family. She participated in Mediacorp’s Channel 8 drama “The Good Fight 8”, as one of the main cast, and has also worked on commercials since young as both parents are very active in the industry.

郑颖是新传媒著名夫妻艺人郑各评击洪慧芳的长女,成熟又自信的她对待任何事物都有自 己的见解。她与弟弟郑凯,介一起投身至演艺圈,成为名副其实的演艺家庭。 当任了新 传媒8频道电视剧《致胜出击》的主要演员之一,也曾与父母亲一同参与了广告的拍摄。