Tracy Lee

Singapore Artiste
Tracy was a contestant in Star Search 2007, with her future co-star Andie Chen winning first prize. Although she was eliminated in the semifinals, her performance earned her a contract with MediaCorp. She was given her first lead role in the 2008 Singapore-Malaysia co-production The Thin Line despite her relative inexperience.

In 2011 she played her first lead role in a MediaCorp production in the blockbuster police procedural drama C.L.I.F.. From 2013 to 2015 , she was nominated for Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes.

In 2016, Tracy left the entertainment industry after deciding against renewing her contract.

* Movie * 电影作品:

* Drama series * 视剧作品:
2016 《富贵平安》
2015 《十年。 你还好吗》
2014 《警徽天职3》 CLIF 3,《Missy 先生》
2012 《对对碰》 It takes two2013 《96cafe》,《爱情风险》love at risk,《浴女图》 The Enchancted,《微笑正义》poetic justice, 《对对碰》it takes two,《我要嫁出去》marry me
2011《警徽天职》C.L.I.F,《黑色夕阳》The Dark Sunset,《双星报喜》 Double Bonus
2010《涌闯琴关》No Limits,《喜事年年》Prosperities
2009《美食厨师男》Food Delicacies,《我爱麻糍》Friendship Forever,《五福到》The Best Thing In Life
2008《有你终身美丽》Her Many Faces,《还我情真》 The Thin LIne, 《谈谈情,舞舞狮》 Lion Heart
2007 《热浪岛》(CCTV, China production)
2006 “Chi Cheong Gai” (Malaysia) [茨场街](马来西亚)

* TV Commercial *
2012 Eversoft
2010 Singtel

* Hosting *
2006 Cuti-Cuti Malaysia
2010 《花月佳期》, Food Expo 2010, Food expo 2012, Food expo 2113
2012 《小镇风情》, Style: Check in
2014 Sheng Sheong outdoor host

* Achievements *
2014 入围红星大奖20大最受欢迎女艺人
2013 入围红星大奖20大最受欢迎女艺人
2009 <金视奖>入围新晋演员与最受欢迎女艺人
2007 Star Search '07 Top 20 Finalists [才华横溢出新秀'07 (20强)]
2007 Miss Elegant & Miss Friendship Awards at Miss Cinderella 2007
2007 Miss Chinese Cheongsam Champion [2007 年中华旗袍小姐冠军]
2006 Miss Glamorous & Miss Health/Beauty Awards at Miss Malaysia Chinese Cosmos [马来西亚中华小姐环球大赛 健康小姐/风韵小姐]
2006 Miss Redang 2006 [(热浪岛小姐2006)]