Qystinna Istajibilla "Bella" Dowanna Halim (born 18 May 2003) is an actress and model lady Malaysia . Starting her acting career as a child actress, she is known for her acting characters on television including Miss Captain Cikgu Waiz , As Long As She Is Happy and Budak Tebing . His acting debut film, M4M4 was released in 2020.

Bella Dowanna started her career as a child actress at the age of six and once starred in several television commercials. Bella got an offer to act in 2012 through the telefilm Begitulah Sayang directed by Ahmad Idham where she acted as the son of Zamarul Hisham and Norish Karman .

As a teenager, he got an offer to act in a television drama. Among his acting dramas include Actually, I'm His Wife! (2013), Miss Captain Cikgu Waiz (2017) and Jealous of a Woman (2019). Bella got the role of acting on the big screen through the horror film directed by Eyra Rahman , M4M4 in which she plays the role of Alya.

She holds the character as Laura in the drama Budak Tebing which aired on TV3’s Lestary Slot . After Budak Tebing she starred in the drama Bila Cupid Jatuh Cinta by playing the character as Tina.

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