Hisyam Hamid

Hisyam Hamid
Hisyam Hamid was a Singaporean actor and model. In 2014, Hisyam decided to be a full-time artiste in Malaysia started to be known from his debut in television dramas such as Ariana Rose, Memori Cinta Suraya, Abang Bomba I Love You etc. Hisyam has established a strong footing in Malaysia and has even been labelled a Malaysian celebrity by his Singaporean fans.

Hisyam still however, maintains a close relationship with the Singapore entertainment industry by committing himself to at least one or two projects a year there.

He was also awarded the Most Popular Male Personality at Singapore's "Pesta Perdana" for two consecutive times {Pesta Perdana 14 (2017) & 15 (2019)}

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