Fauzie first made his mark in Anugerah, emerging as the second runner-up in Suria’s popular singing competition in 2005. Performing at SG50 National Day Parade remains a career highlight. He released his single, ‘Tunggu’, off his debut EP.

As an effectively bilingual performer, Fauzie hosts and appears regularly on local Malay and English variety shows.

After making his acting debut in television drama Teman Anugerahku, Fauzie won the Best Newcomer Award at the 2007 Pesta Perdana Awards. Since then, he has starred in several dramas on Suria and Channel 5, including Tanglin, Singapore’s longest-running drama.

He ventured into theatre as Tim Robinson in Toy Factory’s To Kill A Mockingbird in 2010 and as Robert Aloysius Santa Maria de Crachit in A $ingapore Carol in 2018.

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