Cheng Yao 承尧

SPH Radio UFM100.3 DJ
Cheng Yao signed a full-time talent contract with UFM100.3 after graduating from NUS in 2015. Cheng Yao was a regular host on OMY’s 《头号人物》, and had the privilege to meet and interview artistes from around the region, expanding his horizon and encounters beyond the boundary of the studio.

With his outstanding writing skills, Cheng Yao is a regular columnist with Lianhe Zaobao, and a SPH student supplement, Dou Hao. Not only is he a vivid reader, Cheng Yao also settled himself into listening to a wide array of music genres which has earned himself the ticket to doing one-on-one interviews with many renowned writers and singers.

Tune in to Cheng Yao on 《夜晚最有Feel》, weekdays 8pm to 12 midnight, on UFM100.3.