De Ming 德明

SPH Radio 96.3好FM DJ
De Ming’s radio journey began at the age of 22, as a part-time DJ. In 1999, he officially joined the radio industry as a full-fledged Producer-Presenter.

For the past 20 over years in the radio profession, De Ming has hosted radio and TV shows, as well as outdoor events. As an experienced radio host, he has done live commentaries for events such as Singapore’s National Day Parade, Chingay Parades and the Asia Pacific Varsity Chinese Debate. In the period of 2005 to 2017, he was the station voice for two local TV channels and two cable channels – Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. As a professional voiceover artist, De Ming lent his voice to numerous radio and TV commercials, as well as online and corporate videos.

In 2013, De Ming adventured onto another career path and became an educator in a local polytechnic. With his power of influence, he shared his radio hosting experience and skills with the youths. After a 2 years hiatus from the media industry, De Ming made a comeback as a full-time DJ in SPH Radio 96.3好FM, afresh and ever ready for new challenges ahead.

Tune in to De Ming on <早安,好人帮> weekdays 6am to 10am, on 96.3好FM.