Priscelia Chan

Mediacorp Artiste
Singapore Star Search 1999 Finalist started my career as a Professional Actress and creditable Host.

Establised and commendable Singapore Actress.
Was involved in South East Asia Regional productions and travelogue host.

Affable and creditable personality in Singapore since 1999. Also Known for her positivity, determination and resilience for her remarkable recovery from an ordeal in 2017- 2018.

Celebrity couple with Ex-Actor turn Entrepreneur Alan Tern since 2007.

Recent works in 2020:
In the midst of filming 20eps "森林生存记" for MediaCorp Channel 8.
In the midst of Preps -
Hosting for an info-tainment program on "Handling MidLife Crisis".

Telecasted (Channel U) Script writing and Directorial Debut in 2019
FRESHTakes "Soul Connection - 爱在100米"

Script written "都市狂想- 网络时间法 I & II" for MeWatch Originals and Telecasted on Channel U in 2020.

Current project on air - Ch8 Prime Time 9pm "森林生存记" - Jungle Survivor.

Endorsements and TV Commercials:

IT Cosmetics in 2020.
Meiji Collagen in 2014.
Goldheart Jewellery 2007.

Meiji Collagen Commercial.
Harvey Norman with Alan Tern Commerical 2014.
Parc Rosewood Condominium with Alan Tern commercial 2014.
Ferrero Rocher with Alan Tern Christmas Commerical. 2013.
GoldHeart Jewellery with Alan Tern 2007.
Fujifilm Camera Commerical 2000.

Acting Achievements:
Nominated as Best Supporting Actress in
19th Asian TV Awards 2014 (The Journey: A Voyage)
Star Awards 2014 (The Journey: A Voyage)
Star Awards 2014 - Awarded Rocket Award

Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016.