Jie Qi 杰奇

SPH Radio 96.3好FM DJ
Jieqi, also known as Jackie, started his career in radio as a full time radio DJ in 1994 for 2 years and subsequently a part time radio DJ till he joined 96.3好FM as a full time radio presenter in 2017. The NUS alumni who studied Arts & Social Sciences, and majored in Chinese and Japanese languages, has over 20 years of on-air hosting experience. Jie Qi was also the editor in chief for a local magazine for 16 years.

A life filled with music has given Jie Qi a unique taste in music selection. Over the years, listeners have taken a liking to his casual, expressive and genuine style of hosting.

Besides his love for music, Jie Qi also enjoys traveling, reading, watching movies and theatre performances in his free time. Undeniably, he is an expert in living life to its fullest.

Tune in to Jie Qi on <早安,好人帮> weekdays 6am to 10am, on 96.3好FM.